Program Opportunity Submission

This form is intended to gather information about Division of Student Affairs opportunities that may align with The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows Program. Please complete a form for each opportunity you would like considered. If you have questions, please contact Tearney Woodruff at or 845-8092.

General Information
Provide information for someone involved in the planning or implementation of this opportunity (preferably an advisor or staff member).
If no cost, please list free
An Open Opportunity is one which is open to all students. Examples may include campus-wide lectures or volunteer events. A Closed Opportunity is specifically designed for a target audience. Examples may include a freshmen-only conference or retreat for leaders of a particular student group.
Opportunity Description
Share a description of this opportunity, including mission/purpose statement. Please note that this description will be visible to students in the program and should aid them in deciding which opportunity to participate. Be specific and detailed in your description.
Opportunity Learning Outcomes
Share specific learning outcomes/goals associated with this opportunity.
Designator Description

Each opportunity in the program will align with a Designator. A designator is simply a way to categorize. Please read the following descriptions of designators and select the designators that most closely align with this opportunity.

Leadership Development means actively engaging in opportunities where skills can be practiced. These experiences are usually longer in term.
Leadership Education means opportunities for learning that is informed by theory or research. These experiences usually take place in a more formal setting, such as an academic course.
Leadership Training means opportunities for skill-based learning. These experiences usually take place in workshops, seminars, and trainings.

Leadership Learning
Briefly describe/list how leadership learning is accomplished via the Maroon and White Leadership Fellows outcomes (e.g. discussions, written reflection, simulation activity, etc.). In other words, how is this opportunity connected to leadership?