The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows

The purpose of The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows is to guide participants in developing their identity as leaders through engaging in leadership development, education, and training while at Texas A&M University.

  • Leadership Development means actively engaging in opportunities where skills can be practiced. These experiences are usually longer in term.
  • Leadership Education means opportunities for learning that is informed by theory or research. These experiences usually take place in a more formal setting, such as an academic course.
  • Leadership Training means opportunities for skill-based learning. These experiences usually take place in workshops, seminars, and trainings.


Development, Education, Training


Participants of The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows will be committed to honing skills, developing an appreciation for lifelong learning, and striving to be an engaged citizen post-graduation. Throughout the program, Fellows will have one on one leadership coaching that will challenge them to reflect on their learning and map their leadership experiences over time. The program will culminate with a leadership capstone experience, the Leadership Engagement Project. Ultimately, Fellows will see their leadership journey as a lifelong learning process. When Fellows graduate from Texas A&M University, they will leave with a deeper understanding of who they are as leaders and how they can make an impact in their respective communities.

As you might have noticed, there is The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows and the The Maroon & White Leadership Society. What's the difference, you ask?

Acceptance into The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows begins the process. This is the program aspect where students will be matched with a Leadership Coach, engage in eight leadership opportunities, create a Leadership Engagement Project, and meet other students who also have a passion for leadership.

The Maroon & White Leadership Society is the outcome. After completing all program requirements, Fellows will be inducted into The Maroon & White Leadership Society.

Check out more information about Participant Requirements, a quick summary page, and how to nominate a student now!