Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the difference between The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows and The Maroon & White Leadership Society?

Acceptance into The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows begins the process. It is the program aspect where students will be matched with a Leadership Coach, engage in eight leadership opportunities, create a Leadership Engagement Project, and meet other students who also have a passion for leadership.The Maroon & White Leadership Society is the outcome. After completing all program requirements, Fellows will be inducted into The Maroon & White Leadership Society. Learn more about The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows.

How can I get involved with this program?
If you are an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University, you can complete an Intent to Participate form. This is the first step in the process. Forms are available every Fall semester. Special consideration will be taken for students seeking to enter in the Spring. 
What are the benefits of being in The Maroon & White Leadership Society?
There are many tangible and intangible benefits. Some tangible benefits are access to former Fellows of the program and opportunities to network with broader Constituent Networks via The Association of Former Students, key networking opportunities with prominent companies/organizations such as those affiliated with the Aggie 100, opportunity to practice interviews with prominent interview panel, access to The Maroon & White Leadership Society LinkedIn group. Other benefits include increased self-awareness and confidence in leadership skills, ability to clearly articulate leadership learning to others, and leadership opportunities that strengthen and enhance your college experience.

Who can participate in the program?
This program is open to any Texas A&M University undergraduate student interested in leadership development, education, and training experiences. This program is ideal for students who appreciate structure, but who also look forward to the opportunity and challenge to craft together a personalized leadership path. Participants do not have to be involved in leadership organizations, positions, or programs to participate, and there are no pre-requisites to participate. Learn more about the program requirements.

What is the time commitment for The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows?
This really depends on each individual, but we ask that everyone complete the program within two to five semesters. Fellows are required to attend one training upon entry, program-wide meetings (2-3 a semester), and meet with their coach at least twice a semester. 

I am a Senior and graduate in May.  Can I participate in the program?
Yes! The minimum number of semesters is two, but as long as all program requirements are met, you can participate.

Is this a certificate program? Will it show up on my transcript?
Yes, this is a certificate program, meaning you will receive a certificate of completion after meeting all program requirements. At this time, this experience will not be reflected on your official transcript, but it will be on your Co-Curricular Transcript available through MaroonLink.
Can graduate students participate?
Yes, the program is open to graduate students who are interested in participating.

How will I submit my reflections?
Fellows will be asked to utilize MaroonLink, which is a tool that will help you manage and track your progress in the program. Fellows receive information about how to submit reflections through MaroonLink at training.  

Intent to Participate Questions

If I am not selected the first time, can I complete another Intent to Participate form?
Absolutely. We highly encourage individuals to submit a new Intent form as early as the following semester.

My Intent to Participate was approved. Does that guarantee I will be inducted into The Maroon & White Leadership Society?
Your Intent to Participate form is expressing your desire to be an active participant in The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows program; however, to be inducted into The Maroon & White Leadership Society, you will need to meet all program requirements within five semesters.

After I submit my Intent to Participate, can I make changes to the form?
No. We recommend you take time in completing the form because information cannot be changed after submitting. If you do have updated information that you feel would be beneficial in sharing, you can email the program staff at

Leadership Coach Questions

What does a Leadership Coach do?
The role of the Leadership Coach is to motivate and support students throughout their leadership journey in The Maroon & White Leadership Program.

This includes, but is not limited to:

• Providing suggestions of events, programs, organizations that would align with participants’ interests
• Identifying appropriate pre- and post-experience reflection questions
• Providing student with positive and constructive feedback
• Reviewing and approving reflection submissions
• Challenging participants to make connections between involvement in The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows and other life experiences
• Guiding participants in their leadership identity development and completing evaluations of student leadership identity development on a regular basis
• Provide feedback to participants on their Leadership Engagement Project

Learn more about Leadership Coaches.

If I already have a mentor, can they be my Leadership Coach?
Yes, students will be matched with Leadership Coaches from within the Division of Student Affairs or any selected staff or faculty member at Texas A&M University. All coaches must submit an Intent to Coach form. 

How often do I need to meet with my Student?

Students are required to meet with their Leadership Coaches at least two times a semester. This is the minimum requirement to remain respectful of both the student and the coach and their time commitments. However, it is left to the discretion of both the coach and the participant to decide together if they choose to meet above the required meetings.

How do I become a Coach?
In order to be a Leadership Coach for The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows, faculty and staff members must:

  • Submit their Intent to Coach forms during the designated open application times each semester
  • Understand the philosophy and structure of the program
  • Be familiar with university policies and procedures
  • Know strategies for establishing and maintaining a productive Mentor-Student relationship
  • Be able to identify and maximize available resources for use by the student
  • Participate in Leadership Coach training and socials
  • Commit to meet with student at least twice a semester and throughout the duration of the students’ participation in the program

What is an estimated time commitment for Leadership Coaches?
The estimated time commitment is 8-10 hours per semester. This includes meetings with students, time spent reviewing and approving reflection submissions, and attendance at trainings/socials.

What trainings are associated with being a Leadership Coach?
Leadership Coaches will be asked to attend one in-person training. The training will outline the purpose, scope, and requirements of The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows, the framework and principles of the Leadership Identity Development (LID) Model, and tips on how to incorporate the LID model in conversations with students. Additionally, Coaches are asked to review training refreshers that are given after the initial in-person training. These will most likely be videos.

What are the benefits of being a Leadership Coach in The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows?
There are many rewards and benefits of mentoring students, including, but not limited to:

  • Opportunity to build a long term mentoring relationship with students
  • Opportunities to teach, lead, and coach students to grow as leaders
  • Developing leaders of character dedicated to serving the greater good
  • Serving the Texas A&M University and improving the campus community


What is a Designator?
Designators are a way to categorize experiences that align with leadership development, education, and training. Participants are asked to choose 8 total experiences with at least one experience from each of the following categories: development, education, and training (8 total experiences).

Can one experience count towards more than one Designator?
Yes. For example, if you are a Resident Assistant, you might be able to claim a Development Designator because of the time commitment and intensity of your position, in addition to claiming a Training Designator because of the diverse trainings you attend. One experience may only count towards two Designators.

Can previous experiences count towards meeting a Designator?
Fellows are allowed to count only two previous experiences towards their designator requirements with approval from their Leadership Coach and the Program Coordinator.

If I study abroad in the summer, and start the program in the Fall, can my study abroad experience count?
Yes. Study Abroad experiences are wonderful, therefore, you will be able to count that experience as meeting a designator. You will work with your Leadership Coach to ensure an appropriate reflection is being submitted.


Learn more about Designators here.